Yay or Nay: Tennis Balls in Dryer

Don’t you just hate washing your comforters, sheets, or pillows, only to have the fill dry unevenly? And don’t you just love fluffy towels, jackets, and sheets? If so, there are two words you need to remember: tennis balls.

Yes, that’s right. One of the most creative hacks for laundry doers everywhere is to throw tennis balls in dryer machines. What does this do? It can prevent clumping of the filling of bulky items (like those mentioned above) AND create more fluff1.

However, this practice isn’t for everyone. Here are a few cautions that come along with using tennis balls in the dryer:

  • Some people have reported that frequent use of tennis balls make their clothes smell like rubber. In that case, cut back on the use and only use for bulky items or things you don’t wear.
  • It’s possible that some tennis balls, especially newer ones, might transfer their neon dye to items filled with down.
  • Depending on the dryer cycle and temperature level you select, the tennis ball might not be able to withstand the heat.
  • Using tennis balls in dryer machines can be very loud.
If these cautions make the practice of using tennis balls in the dryer not worth the risk, the alternative is to remove and shake items throughout the drying process.

So, should you put tennis balls in the dryer? The option is really up to you. Some people swear by dryer balls, which claim to speed up the drying process, reduce static cling, and soften clothing. Experts suggest a clean tennis shoe will also do the trick2! If you want to play it safe, just add dry towels to the dryer load to help fluff up other laundry and see what happens. No matter which avenue you choose, you just may have discovered your favorite laundry hack of all time.

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