About XTRA Detergent

It all began in a small apartment above Nunzio’s Pizza in Brooklyn, New York. The year was 1988.

Despite our humble beginnings, we knew the idea behind our products was strong. XTRA™ offered a big brand look and performance, at a small price. And, when our laundry detergent hit the shelves, it was just what shoppers were looking for. Soon, we had a loyal following.

Being a young and innovative brand, we continued to look for fresh and exciting news to bring to the laundry care aisle. In 2004, we launched Tropical Passion™ and introduced the laundry world to its first experiential scent. Featuring the fragrances of papaya, guava and kiwi, along with floral notes, it was like nothing ever before.

Today, we continue to grow and add new, vibrant options to our rainbow of fragrances. You can now choose from 7 unique scents that help make every laundry day, feel like a getaway.